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The King’s Academy – Florida State Cheer Champions February 8, 2010

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The 20-girl strong King’s Academy Varsity Competition Cheer team won the state championship on Saturday in Orlando besting 57 other teams in their division. 

My daughter was one of those girls.

Waiting to hear...

Fourteen teams made it to the finals and King’s was  in first place coming out of the semis; even after dropping a stunt. The girls weren’t told that until just before going on to perform in the finals.  Head Coach Jenn Allen and Assistant Tim Pike told the ladies it was their championship to win but they needed a flawless performance.

From the second they took the stage you could see the energy pumping through each one. Every girl had the look of a champion in her eyes.

They hit the first stunt in perfect unison and then the second and then the third. Their floor work was flawless and then came the cheer section. It was all out and they were loud. They had the entire arena cheering back which only helped to feed the amazing energy up on stage. The three and half minute routine was almost over with the big pyramid stunt to go. They seamlessly transitioned to the mount and the stunt built perfectly to the pounding music. With only 20 seconds left the realization they were about to hit a flawless performance beamed across each of their faces; they were electrified.

We won!

The pyramid dismount was perfect and as the girls danced to the final pose they all knew they had done it. The final split was hit perfectly on the last thunderous downbeat and the stage erupted in unbridled joy as every girl knew they just gave the best performance ever.

The hours upon hours of practice since the start of school last August paid off.

State Champs!

Congratulations ladies, you made this Cheer Dad very proud.

This says it all



1. Jenn Allen - February 8, 2010

This is AMAZING!!! Tears in my eyes while I was reading. The feeling of being there was brought back to life with your descriptive words. Thank you for allowing Cecilia to be part of us!!!! Your families’ support was much appreciated!

2. Tim - February 8, 2010

Perfect synopsis Fritz…..just like your daughter!

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