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A Waste of Time December 2, 2009

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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Aftermath: Population Zero

I was looking for something to watch while Obama gave his speech last night and alighted on the National Geographic Channel.  Aftermath: Population Zero was about to start— a two-hour special surmising what the earth would be like if suddenly there were no people on it.  I was intrigued because of the cool video and effects in the open and besides it wasn’t Obama.

It didn’t take long for me to realize this program was a ridiculous waste of time and energy. If I had wanted to get away from Left wing propaganda I would have been better off with the President’s speech. (NOT!)

The program purports to show, in real time, the effects on the earth after man has simultaneously vanished from the planet. It starts with driverless cars crashing and continues with anything that was once operated by man coming to an eventual tumultuous demise—airplanes crashing, power plants failing and nuclear plants melting down.  All along the way the narrator decides to point out the horrible effects those events are having on either the animals or the planet itself while at the same time reveling in the pleasure of informing the viewer how much less carbon dioxide is now being produced by man. He even stated an absurdly meaningless fact that the earth suddenly dropped a fraction of a degree in temperature because 3 billion bodies were no longer heating the air.

Suddenly I saw the madness in that and felt the irritation building. The same irritation I get while listening to a Liberal spout off on anything liberal.

Who cares! The human race is gone!”, I barked at the TV.

What does it matter that we’re no longer using carbon based fuels or that global warming has begun to amazingly reverse itself with 3 billion humans out of the picture. But then it dawned on me. This show was all about telling us what’s really important. Why…it’s the earth itself and all the little creatures left behind. Man is the problem. This great big rock in the solar system would be so better off if mankind wasn’t around to muck it all up.

By this time I was already flipping around for something else to watch. Obama was still flapping his gums so I kept channel surfing. I came back to the Nat Geo show about ten minutes later to this little gem. With the help of computer generated animation the narrator is now several years into a humanless earth. Vast herds of animals both wild and once domesticated have taken over and the narrator says this, “Now that we are gone, Nature is reclaiming the earth”. Man I just wanted to slap that narrator.  I switched back and caught the last 5 minutes of Obama’s speech. Man, I just wanted to slap that narrator.

and the meek shall inherit the earth

and the meek shall inherit the earth



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