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A Snake in the Woodpile September 13, 2009

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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Powerline is one of my regulars. This blog was one of the first I started to read on a daily basis and I have learned more about politics, the law and classic jazz than I could ever imagined. While solidly conservative, the three authors  deliver balanced, cerebral commentary. I am an embarrassment to their level of intelligence and scholarly achievement but I will say I’m getting smarter each time I read their blog.

This recent post re-ignited something that has been simmering inside of me for awhile. As we watch the Obama administration plunge this country headlong into socialism, the tentacles of treachery begin to wind themselves deeper into the fabric of our society. The big ticket items like health care, the massive financial bailout and ensuing dependence on the government for everything capture the headlines— but it’s the little things that seem to fly under the radar that are just as destructive to our democracy.

History will undoubtedly recant a far more accurate reason why Obama won the presidency; but I have a preview. I’ll liken it to a perfect storm because not one thing was responsible. First; the country was weary of Bush. Second; McCain was an atrocious candidate. Third; Obama proved a glib campaigner allowing white Independents the opportunity to rid themselves of guilt from our forefathers sins by voting for a black man. Fourth; the media.

Obama needs the media to continue to be in the bag for his  administration and policies and how better to ensure that than blatant quid pro quo.  Please don’t think I’m so naive or politically biased to think  this kind of thing hasn’t happened for right leaning individuals. Power and influence/money have swayed many judge’s decisions regardless of political persuasion. However, this Andrew Sullivan case and the recent story that the Maryland State’s Attorney is considering prosecuting the reporters for breaking the Acorn prostitution story are very disturbing.

Andrew Sullivan has and I’m sure will continue pimping Obama’s policies. His previous efforts have obviously earned the long, strong arm of the President to get him off the hook on that pesky marijuana charge; ensuring no embarrassing hassles for any future citizenship efforts and continued shilling for the President.

Couple all this with congressional rumblings of bailing out journalism by letting newspapers become non-profit organizations (like NPR!) and we’ve got a snake in the woodpile.

A free and independent Fourth Estate is what has made the United States the greatest nation on earth. It is an integral pillar in the house of Capitalism. Look at the nations that manipulate, regulate or outright dictate their Fourth Estates and you’ll see America’s enemies. Our fourth wall is under a withering attack and may have already been breached. But with the help of blogs like Powerline we can take back our castle.



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