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Stop Obama’s Socialism September 4, 2009

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A better place to spend your money

How many times have you said to yourself, “Boy I wish I could vote these clowns out of office”, especially after seeing Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chris Dodd or any of the other flaming liberal gas bags set about to destroy our American way of life. Well, unless you live in their state you can’t…but you can help those in their respective states to elect the kind of change we conservatives believe in.

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi

Christopher Dodd

Christopher Dodd

Harry Reid

Harry Reid

Harry Reid is up for election in this next cycle. He is being challenged by a relative unknown (politically). Danny Tarkanian is the son of legendary basketball coach Jerry and a basketball star in his own right. Bright, articulate and oh so conservative!

Danny Tarkanian

Danny Tarkanian

Polling has him leading Reid!!! and the guy has just begun to campaign. To be successful he’s going to need money and he already has a solid grass roots campaign going.

I donated to him because I would love to see Harry ‘the war is lost’ Reid defeated next year. How cool a message to send to the democrats when we oust their senate majority leader.

Go to www.tark2010.org and check him out.

I stopped giving to the Republican National Committee because I didn’t think my money was working hard enough. The money I would have given the RNC is now going directly to the campaigns of those I think should get it.

I have given to Jim Inhofe of Kansas and plan to support several other Republican candidates in states where the democrat is vulnerable.

Senate contests in 2010

State Incumbent Party Status
AL Richard Shelby Republican Running for reelection
AK Lisa Murkowski Republican Running for reelection
AZ John McCain Republican Running for reelection
AR Blanche Lincoln Democratic Running for reelection
CA Barbara Boxer Democratic Running for reelection
CO Michael Bennet Democratic Running for election
CT Chris Dodd Democratic Running for reelection
DE Ted Kaufman Democratic Retiring
FL Mel Martinez Republican Retiring
GA Johnny Isakson Republican Running for reelection
HI Daniel Inouye Democratic Running for reelection
ID Mike Crapo Republican
IL Roland Burris Democratic Retiring
IN Evan Bayh Democratic
IA Chuck Grassley Republican Running for reelection
KS Sam Brownback Republican Retiring
KY Jim Bunning Republican Retiring
LA David Vitter Republican Running for reelection
MD Barbara Mikulski Democratic Running for reelection
MA Seat last held by Ted Kennedy Democratic Vacant
MO Kit Bond Republican Retiring
NV Harry Reid Democratic Running for reelection
NH Judd Gregg Republican Retiring
NY Chuck Schumer Democratic Running for reelection
NY Kirsten Gillibrand Democratic Running for election
NC Richard Burr Republican Running for reelection
ND Byron Dorgan Democratic Running for reelection
OH George Voinovich Republican Retiring
OK Tom Coburn Republican Running for reelection
OR Ron Wyden Democratic Running for reelection
PA Arlen Specter Democratic Running for reelection
SC Jim DeMint Republican Running for reelection
SD John Thune Republican Running for reelection
UT Bob Bennett Republican Running for reelection
VT Patrick Leahy Democratic Running for reelection
WA Patty Murray Democratic
WI Russ Feingold Democratic Running for reelection


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