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Frankfort, Michigan July 15, 2009

Posted by Fritz in Travel.
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At anchor in Betsie Bay, Frankfort, MI

At anchor in Betsie Bay, Frankfort, MI

Precious places are  many in our great country and one of mine is the northwest side of the lower peninsula of Michigan. Frankfort, MI and the surrounding area has been my summer home since I was born. My grandparents first came up this way in the early ’50’s and bought a cottage on Crystal Lake that is still in the family today.

Pt. Betsie Lighthouse

Pt. Betsie Lighthouse

I’m the third generation to enjoy this spectacular place and my daughter is the fourth. There is also a fifth generation toddling their way through the sand and I surely hope that there will be many more after that.

Betsie Bay at dusk

Betsie Bay at dusk

Our cottage is on Crystal Lake, one of the most beautiful lakes in the US.

Nearly nine miles long and three wide, the lake is a spring fed, sandy bottom beauty that offers the finest venue for every water sport imaginable. Our favorite is sailing or more specifically racing sailboats.

The unique geography of the lake makes for near perfect conditions for the preferred sailing vessel at our yacht club; the scow. Kids start on the Butterfly and work their way up to the E-scow usually skippered by the fathers (and occasional mother) on the weekends.

Butterfly's at the start

Butterfly's at the start

Our sailing season is excruciatingly short as the club doesn’t open ’til mid June and finishes in mid-August when the school year begins.  When I was a kid the season continued up to Labor Day as we didn’t return to school till after that. The shortened summer just means more activity packed into a smaller time frame and we sure try to savor every minute. If you ever get the chance to visit, I promise you’ll experience one of the most wonderful places in America.

E-scows with spinakers flying

E-scows with spinnakers flying


1. irisofthewayfarer - August 1, 2009

I just found your blog by accident. I loved reading this post 🙂

Fritz - August 12, 2009

Hi Iris,
Thanks for the kind words on my post. It’s nice to find another blogger who knows the secret about Benzie County. I have driven by the Wayfarer countless times and now I know who runs it! Sadly we just returned home to Florida from an awesome summer at the Lake. I’ll make it a point to stop and introduce myself next summer.
All the best, Fritz Breland

2. irisofthewayfarer - August 12, 2009

That would be too cool, Fritz. Incidentally, my father was born in Frankfort Germany and his name was Fritz :)). Ok, enough.

I am glad you had a great summer up here. See you next year

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