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Mysterious Code Discovered and Broken in the same Day May 20, 2009

Posted by Fritz in Humor.
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Holy Hieroglyphic Hi jinks

I was out and about today sportin’ a new doo and feeling mighty fine.  Noon time came quick and I was jonesin’ for some sushi so I stopped in at my favorite little Chinese Hawaiian Oriental Westaraunt also known as C.H.O.W. and pigged out on raw fish and rice.  I regret it now but it sure did feel good going down! Anyway, I needed reading material so I had picked up a copy of today’s USA Today. Yesterday’s Today was old news but I like to be current so all the news that’s fits to print would be music to my eyes. Fortunately I was all ears when the waitress came and asked for my order. I honored her offer and was on her and off her all day…. It was during my second plateful of Moo-Shoo that I saw the future.



Right there on page 3B, just as plain as the nose cone on the plane that had just taxied up to the take out window; “New 2D barcodes put info at your fingertips” screamed the headline. Luckily my fingertips where already in my ears so I didn’t hear the scream. Thank goodness the article was written in English, second languages are not my forte. Anyway, the pictures were worth a thousand words so I figured I was gonna be there a  while. I poured another cup on Joe and this old dog set about learning a new trick.

PS  My fortune cookie crumbled before I could read it.

I’m on the case…more to come.



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