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Darren Rowse’s 31 day Blog Challenge – lesson 7 April 19, 2009

Posted by Fritz in Yachts and other things that float.
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Every topic, every point of view, every color, everything mankind has become and probably will become is represented in a blog.

Today is my day 8 of the Darren Rowse 31 Day Build a Better Blog Challenge.  Yesterday’s challenge #7 was to understand the importance of linking. Linking to and getting linked are fundamental in building readership and traffic to your blog.

The task at hand was to search the blogosphere for similar blogs to our own and link to them. This, as I would discover, would entail a fair investment in time.  I went back to my day one exercise and remembered what  my blog was about.(humorous/ slice of life/from my point of view blog) Then revisited the Day 4 topic: using a search engine or some other source to find other blogs.

Search engines that let you find blogs by subject matter like Technorati’s top 100 blogs or Google Blog search work great.  I had actually stumbled on Condron, a free search engine that features blogs on a kinda rotating billboard…it was addictive watching a new blog’s home page randomly appear.  You can set the speed of the surf and can stop on one that looks of interest.  Book marking is easy too.

That blogoshere is a wild place.  Next time I’ve got to remember to wear sensible shoes and pack a lunch.

Now came the fun part.  Surfing! After about an hour I realized I had only book marked a couple of like minded blogs but I was having so much fun exposing myself to the unbelievably vast array of blogs out there in cyberspace.

Some are fantastic, some suck big onesSome are for fun, some were sad. Some made me laugh and some made me cringeSome were dirty, some were Godlike.

I left in awe.



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