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Following directions April 15, 2009

Posted by Fritz in Humor.
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Yep, I’m your typical guy.  I don’t follow directions, I don’t ask for directions and I don’t take directions. Of course that usually gets me into trouble every time.

Since I shirked fulfilling my first task in Darren Rowse’s Build a Better Blog Challenge, I’m all messed up.  Three days ago I was supposed to come up with my ‘pitch’ or what my blog is all about.  The obvious result would be to help focus me and my readers and lay the base for future exercises.

“If you’re fuzzy on what your blog is about it’s unlikely that anyone else will have much of an idea either.” Darren Rowse

So true Darren, so true. And now I find myself attempting to fulfill day 4’s challenge and I realized without my ‘pitch’  defined, I’m up the creek without a paddle. Now I’m forced to face the music and come up with my pitch…what’s my blog all about?

How about this….

A compilation of heartwarming stories that touch on the important things in my life—all presented in a humorous, smartly written collection, sure to find favor with the most discriminate reader.

That’s the pompous-ass pitch.

An eclectic taste-test, seasoned with equal parts of humor and humility.

That’s the elevator version.

Amusing musings.

That’s my alliterative version.

Now, with my blog’s identity clearly defined, I’m ready to tackle Day Four’s challenge…seek out and observe like minded blogs so as to glean tips and emulate their success.

Wish me luck.



1. Davis - April 15, 2009

I think you’re off to a great start. Good fortune to you!

2. Fritz Breland - April 16, 2009

Hi Davis, Thanks for the encouragement. Just finished zooming around your blog and had fun! You’re a prodigious writer. I’m a bit behind in the 31DBBB Challenge (today is day 5 for me) so yes, I am writing you as part of my day 5 exercise and glad I did…now I’ve found another humorous blog to visit often! All the best, Fritz

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