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Happy New Year January 1, 2009

Posted by Fritz in Spiritual.
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I had a mini epiphany today in the parking lot of my local grocery store.

It struck me that today was New Years Eve and I suddenly thought of making a New Year’s resolution.  I  really haven’t made any in the past but today, the resolution just jumped out at me.  I decided that I  will resolve to spread the Joy in ’09.

All of the events since August 11th of last year have been moving  me towards the new way I have been looking at the world and myself.

Getting physically healthy started the change.  Edgar Cayce said in many of his readings that the ‘body is the temple’.

READING 69-4 F 59 – For indeed the body is the temple of the living God. There He has promised to meet thee; there He does. And as thy body, thy mind, thy soul is attuned to that divine as answers within, so may ye indeed be quickened to know His purpose; and ye may fill that purpose for which ye entered this experience.

I have noticed that as I moved in the direction of a healthier lifestyle I have begun to become more attune to a higher level of energy that has in turn begun to change my point of view on almost every level.  The sun seems brighter, the air seems sweeter and it’s easier for me to see the joy that is all around us.

It’s another step along the way; the Joy step!  Happy New Year!


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