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Kids say the darnedest things December 7, 2008

Posted by Fritz in Music I fancy.
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My fifteen year-old is pretty perceptive. She commented yesterday that she wasn’t sure what was going on with me lately.  It seems my recent behaviour has been ‘out of character’.  I asked her in what way and she answered I was ‘nicer’ and was just ‘acting weird’.

I will admit to experiencing some rather momentous events recently, events that I am still processing.  Along with my new sobriety, I take the recent loss of several dear souls, one step at a time.

Those events have awakened me to seeking a higher purpose in life and even started an earnest effort to improve my nutrition and physical well being.  I guess it would only be natural if some of my positive pursuits starting paying off on my daily interactions.

Tonight however I think I saw for myself a bit of the transformation.  I watched a special on Yanni on our local PBS station.  Now in my own defense, I was watching the  Oklahoma/Missouri football game until the Sooners started their rout.  Something possessed me to click all the way up the dial during a commercial and voila! there’s Yanni orchestrating four young singers with amazing voices.

Yanni - now

Yanni - now

I was blown away.  I love music and can listen to anything with the exception of Rap if it’s good musically.  This stuff was magic to my ears.

When the show was over I Googled ‘Yanni’ and spent over an hour searching, reading and listening.  A funny side note.  I knew we were neighbors …sort of.  We live about ten miles apart, he on the ocean, me…not so ocean but I’m sure we have driven on the same streets sometime! Anyway I knew about him and his music but I always thought of it as a little too ‘out there’ and I could never get past the weird Doug Henning look-alike thing. combo-photo1

Well, time changes everyone. Doug Henning is dead and Yanni is now sans long hair and mustache.  He’s four years older than me and looks the way I  want to look at 54.

The bottom line is I’ll be buying some Yanni soon.

I guess my daughter was right…I’m not sure what is going on with me lately.



1. danny wilson - December 7, 2008

hey fritz,
i’ve gotta tell ya’, you’re not the only one to feel like this about the ‘new yanni’. and from what i’ve read online lately on blogs like yours, not by a longshot!

as for me, i’ve been a professional rock/metal musician and fan since puberty (i’m 46 now), so when a good friend told me about this yanni thing all i could picture was the hair, mustache and all the jokes i’d heard about him over the years. but what i heard and saw completely contradicted all of it. the music is nothing short of amazing, and the singers we’re a stroke of brilliance in my opinion.

and like you, i searched the web and read and listened and got the back story and the new story… even found a few ‘better than decent’ fan-shot videos from the recent acapulco concerts on youtube… pretty sexy stuff, that chloe and leslie number!

so i too, must confess… i’ll be getting tickets to the show out here in los angeles next summer, and probably get the record and join the fan club too.

and if you’d asked me a year ago if i ever thought this would be happening, i’d probably have said ‘not in a million years’!

yup, i guess you could say i drank the kool-aid!

take care and best of luck on your sobriety!


2. Arlene - January 12, 2009

Hi Frits, i come across your blog by clicking on Love at the tag board of WP and i found myself reading back some of your posts (actually just the front part) and this Yanny post caught my attention. Am a Yanni fan, not that ive seen him personally but i have listen to some of his music. Id like to think that he is still young and that him with his long hair he looks groovy.

This post was posted in December so am sure u have already bought a Yanni – what album is that? I got one of him – the one that shows his concert in China many years back.

Ohh…i will add your blog tomy list and i hope to come by again soon to read.

I can say i find good thoughts in your blog.

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