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Beets are beat December 3, 2008

Posted by Fritz in Health.

After a short break in juicing due to the Thanksgiving holiday at the in-laws—I’m back!  Boy it sure did feel good to make that first batch of juice after consuming way too much food over the long weekend.  I’m beginning to understand the zeal that regular juice feasters have for this.  That first glassful was awesome.  It was my regular concoction of one (1) head of Romaine, two (2) large carrots, three (3) stalks of celery, three (3) apples and a healthy plug of peeled ginger.  Yum-eee!  The even better news is that my juicing technique has improved my yield to 32 ounces! That’s up substantially from the 20-24 ozs. I got when I first started.

Before the holiday I expanded my palet and tried some new vegetables to the mix.  I juiced Bok Choy and a variety of cabbage (whose name escapes me) along with the carrots, apples and ginger.  In one juicing I tried beets. Now I don’t like beets. There are only about five things I  prefer not to eat in the entire spectrum of the food world and beets are one of them.  But in the spirit of trying everything, I juiced beets. 

Even mixed with all the other veggies, that nasty beet taste prevailed and I must say it was difficult to finish that batch.  No more beets for me. (Cucumbers are #2 on the don’t like list so I won’t even try them)

This week I will venture to add more green to the mix.  Watch out Kale and Collard you’re next.



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